UPSC Toppers interview questions transcript madhur binda A.S Bhonsle Sir board

Air Marshal A.S Bhonsle Sir board

Candidate name: Madhur Binda

Profile: MBBS graduate, sociology optional

Belongs to: Rajasthan

Date of interview: 19/02/18, afternoon session

Interview started at 3:10 PM.

Most likely ended around 3:45

Interview Transcript

I was the first candidate to attend the interview.

I wished the board and they asked me to sit. They told me to be comfortable. There were few pages lying in front of me he asked me to use them before giving answers ie to think for few seconds n then answer.
Also, he did ask in which language Hindi/English or mixed I be comfortable wrt to interview language


He saw that I have graduated in 2013
Q1. Which year have you finished your MBBS? And what you were doing after that till now?
Q2 What do you feel about having a rural background and working in the village?
Q3. Is government policy with respect to the rural area is good? Is any lacuna in government policies? If yes, where the gap pertains to?
After that, he asked few questions about MBBS and about my hobby

Member 1
Q1 You were working in the village but most doctors don’t want to work in rural areas. Why? How can we change that attitude?
Q2 What are the provisions of NMC? Is less representation of doctors an issue?
Q3 What is your opinion about compulsory internship after MBBS?
Q4 Ayush Dr being allowed to practice allopathic. Is it Good or bad?

Member 2
Q1 There are so many places named as Sagar in Rajasthan Why? (I’m from Rajasthan that’s why they asked this)
Q2 What is inter-generational equity?
Q3. How’s equity makes sense in medical profession/health?
Q4. Asked about some old ancient river of Rajasthan
Q5. What is the himalayan blunder? (I was not able to answer.Actually, it was a book about Sino-Indian War of 1962)

Member 3 (Lady member)

Q1.She said she is biased to ask questions on the health sector. Why did you choose IAS after MBBS?
Q2 Also how can you being ias will help say ur village. What u bring as Dr to administration.

Q3 we here so many new products of Ayurvedic coming these days… Whats ur opinion on that also between Ayurveda n allopathic form of medicine which one do you support.

Q4 What are the issues pertaining to Women and Child in Rajasthan? Specifically, women in general child also do Suggest some remedies.

Member 4

Q1 questions on name… Any famous personalities with same name.. Why they were in controversy recently.

Q2 earlier there was no neet what was the exam that u cleared to get admission into mbbs

Q3.Asked some questions about city of school (Ajmer). Who is the famous king of Ajmer? Why he was famous?How he died? Any role of sanyogata on his defeat?

Padmavat situation is example of Anomie? Is it so?
What do you mean by anomie? Which social thinker gave the concept?

Q5 ASER report…what is it.. Who releases it etc

Chairman again

Q1 You have graduated from. Govt MBBS college. Wasn’t your education subsidized? It’s Wastage of resources right? etc

Q2 What are the advantages of being a Doctor?
One of quality I said is being emphatic

Q3 So can’t a person other than doctor have empathy?

Q4 (I was dog lover) So questions about the breed…which dog do you have; Why different breed behave differently?

Q5 Tell a joke about the dog…

As I couldn’t he told me the joke.. That is how you know who loves you more gf or dog by locking them in box for 30 min and then observing their reaction.

He asked my opinion on the joke.

End of interview..

Missed few questions if I am able to recall will post…

Overall the board was very cordial and had better experience than mock interviews.

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