Key Features

  1. The most relied All India Test Series, so that every Test taker can know where he stand among the REST OF HIS COMPETITORS.
  2. Scheduling the tests in a phased manner (Topic wise, Subject wise and full syllabus tests).
  3. Test questions which are carefully created by our expert faculty to enhance and sharpen the aspirant's intellectual competence for actual exam.
  4. Questions act as trigger for learning what is required for the Main Exam.
  5. Exhaustive performance analysis and feedback based on the subject wise Strength and weakness analysis.
  6. Interactive system conducive for expressing conceptual doubts, discussions and clarifications.

More Details

  1. Pragnya IAS proudly launching UPSC All India Preliminary test series,which is to be conducted in two phases(levels) from 22nd October,2016.
  2. The level-I of test series has 17 tests and is to be started from 22nd October and ends by January 8th 2017. 
  3. The level-II of test series has been scheduled to start from February 5th 2017 and ends by June 4th 2017.


  1. The Detailed schedule for All India test series has been sent to you as an attachment (PFA)
  2. All old students of Pragnya IAS from all over the country can also avail this facility at free of cost.
  3. It is advised that students must appear online for the test series to know their position/ranking at all India level.
  4. Once test is completed,you will receive the detailed explanatory answer sheet immediately and in case of any further query,you may contact the concerned faculty.
  5. All students of PRAGNYA IAS , who enrolled for optional , may also avail this gracious facility at 990/- only
  6. For external Students, First test will be free and based on their performance discounts will be given on the Fee.

0117/06/2016Test- 1 (G.S.)Modern India (1757-1857) Constitution of India World Physical Geography

Yojana/Manorama Year Book ? 2016

0219/06/2016Test-2 (G.S.)Polity & Governance Indian Geography Modern India (1857-1947)

Current Affairs (July?Sept. - 2015)

0322/06/2019Test-3 (G.S.)Environment & Ecology Indian Economy Indian Art & Culture (Ancient & Med.)

Polity & Governance

IYB/MYB & Current Affairs (Oct.-Dec. - 2015)

0425/06/2016Test-4 (CSAT)Logical Reasoning Comprehension Basic Numeracy
0528/06/2016Test-5 (G.S.)Indian Economy & Current Economy General Science Environment & Ecology

Geography of India

IYB/Current Affairs (Jan-March - 2016)

0601/06/2016Test-6 (G.S.)Revision of Modern India Art & Culture Science & Tech./Biology

Polity, Constitution &Governance


0703/06/2016Test-7 (CSAT)GMA Data Interpretation/Dada Sufficiency Comprehension

Analytical & Non-verbal Reasoning

0805/06/2016Test-9 (G.S.)Geography (World) General Science (Phy& Chem.) Economy & Social Development

IYB/Yojana/MYB/Current Affairs (March-May - 2016)

0907/07/2016Test-10 (CSAT)Social Justice & Security Issues Polity, Constitution & Governance Post Independence

Yojana/Current Affairs (Nov.-Feb)

1009/07/2016Test -11 (G.S.)Quantitative Aptitude Comprehension Decision Making

Reasoning (miscellaneous areas)

1112/07/2016Test-12 (G.S.)Revision of Indian Economy Revision of Geography Environment & Ecology


1219/07/2016Model Test-1 (G.S.)Revision of Modern India Art & Culture Polity, Constitution & Governance

General Science

Current Affairs (Jan?Jun - 2016)

1326/07/2016Model Test-1 (G.S.)Entire syllabus
1426/07/2016Model Test-2 (CSAT)Entire syllabus
1501/08/2016Model Test-3 (G.S.)Entire syllabus
1601/08/2016Model Test-4 (CSAT)Entire syllabus

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