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Economics Paper -1

Advanced Micro Economics &Advanced Macro Economics


Paper -1

Money - Banking and Finance.



Economics Paper -1

International Economics: (a) Old and New Theories of International Trade

(b) Forms of Protection: Tariff and quota.

TEST 412/03/2016Paper 1International Economics (c) Balance of Payments Adjustments: Alternative Approaches. (i) Price versus income, income adjustments under fixed exchange rates,

(ii) Theories of Policy Mix

(iii) Exchange rate adjustments under capital mobility

(iv) Floating Rates and their Implicationns for Developing Countries: Currency Boards.(v) Trade Policy and Developing Countries.

(vi) BOP, adjustments and Policy Coordination in open economy macro-model.

(vii) Speculative attacks

(viii) Trade Blocks and Monetary Unions.

(ix) WTO: TRIMS, TRIPS, Domestic Measures, Different Rounds of WTO talks




Paper -1

5. Growth and Development:
(a) Theories of growth:
(i) Harrod?s model,
(ii) Lewis model of development with surplus labour
(iii) Balanced and Unbalanced growth,
(iv) Human Capital and Economic Growth.
(v) Research and Development and Economic Growth
(b) Process of Economic Development of Less developed countries: Myrdal and Kuzments on economic development and structural change: Role of Agriculture in Economic Development of less developed countries.
(c) Economic development and International Trade and Investment, Role of Multinationals.
(d) Planning and Economic Development: changing role of Markets and Planning, Private- Public Partnership
(e) Welfare indicators and measures of growth ? Human Development Indices. The basic needs approach.
(f) Development and Environmental Sustainability ? Renewable and Non Renewable Resources, Environmental Degradation, Intergenerational equity development.



Economics Paper -2

1. Indian Economy in Pre-Independence Era 
2. Indian Economy after Independence

The Pre Liberalization Era

TEST 702/04/2016Paper 2B The Post Liberalization Era:
(i) New Economic Reform and Agriculture: Agriculture and WTO, Food processing, Subsidies, Agricultural prices and public distribution system, Impact of public expenditure on agricultural growth.
(ii) New Economic Policy and Industry: Strategy of industrialization, Privatization, Disinvestments, Role of foreign direct investment and multinationals.
(iii) New Economic Policy and Trade: Intellectual property rights: Implications of TRIPS, TRIMS, GATS and new EXIM policy.
(iv) New Exchange Rate Regime: Partial and full convertibility, Capital account convertibility.
Test 809/04/2016Paper 2POST LIBERALISATION ERA v) New Economic Policy and Public Finance: Fiscal Responsibility Act, Twelfth Finance Commission and Fiscal Federalism and Fiscal Consolidation.
(vi) New Economic Policy and Monetary system. Role of RBI under the new regime.
(vii) Planning: From central Planning to indicative planning, Relation between planning and markets for growth and decentralized planning: 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments.
(viii) New Economic Policy and Employment: Employment and poverty, Rural wages, Employment Generation, Poverty alleviation schemes, New Rural, Employment Guarantee Scheme.
TEST 916/04/2016FULL LENGTH TEST ? I8 AM to 11 AM Complete Syllabus of Paper I


FULL LENGTH TEST - II8 AM to 11 AM Complete Syllabus of Paper II
TEST 1130/04/2016FULL LENGTH TEST - III8 AM to 11 AM Complete Syllabus of Paper I
TEST 1207/05/2016FULL LENGTH TEST - IV8 AM to 11 AM Complete Syllabus of Paper II

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