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Pragnya IAS Academy, is the leader in revolutionizing the Civil Services Coaching. Anyone who is committed to achieve their goals, can have access to the India’s Best training staying at their Home/Office/Any place of convenience where they can concentrate to their best

Each of our courses is taught by an expert faculty and they can have the following benefits

  • Attend class (Live Interactive class)
  • Access Recorded Videos of the same for future reference
  • Access to Reading resources of each topic
  • Topic wise and full length tests
  • Individual Feedback and sessions of workout on weak areas

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective civil services coaching to the serious aspirants. We believe that achieving success in civil services do not require the aspirants to go to Delhi or any other metro and spend lakhs of rupees. We seek to empower our students with everything they need to advance their Goal. Every Individual from any remote corner of the country must get access to the toughest exam in India

Pragnya IAS Academy is everything an Aspirants need to achieve their Dreams!

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Director's Message

Being an IAS/IPS Officer demands traits like intellectual and moral integrity, balance of judgment, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, mental alertness, and also for his social traits. These cannot be inculcated overnight and needs continuous training. Our team has been strongly committed to ensure that every Individual develop all the requisite intellectual and moral competence so as to be an able administrator.

I hereby welcome you to the Pragnya IAS academy, where your commitment and devotion meets our decades of experience and wisdom.

Teaching Methodology

  • Multiple modes of delivering the same topic so as to ensure conceptual clarity.
  • India’s best quality and highly relevant printed materials
  • Adopt the most advanced technological of audio-videos, pictorial representations so as to build realistic understanding on the subject-matter
  • Trust on Individual attention so as to address the best and the least talented aspirants
  • Incredible insights to develop best answers
  • Detailed analysis of previous year questions so as to ensure
    • Right orientation
    • Prioritize the topics
    • Helps you to choose what to read and more importantly what not to read
    • To approach the main exam with right strategy Adopt different strategies of success since no one strategy fits for all because of inherent differences among individuals
  • Adopt different strategies of success since no one strategy fits for all because of inherent differences among individuals

Why Pragnya IAS?

“We at Pragnya IAS Academy believe that values, trust, purpose, capacity, commitment, intention, and action create the unique bonds that build leaders of the Future India”

We designed our foundational programmes with special emphasis on the below issues

All that you should know to be a civil servant

  • The ability to integrate relevant issues to develop a completeness in understanding.
  • To develop insightful and creative thinking into every issue.
  • The ability to communicate one’s viewpoint with confidence and conviction and that accurately and effectively.
  • The ability to present yourself so as to meet the demands of the nation.

For a beginner

Aspirants sometimes have sense that "they can't get 'there' from here" because of "some reason." Sometimes people have "that sense" that they can't accomplish what they really want, whether the goal is personal, a major organizational objective, or something in between. We at Pragnya IAS, develop useful and powerful approach to overcome these situations.

  • Seeking help to get "un-stuck"
  • Clarifying needs and goals; then getting into action to accomplish big personal, national goals.
  • Increasing aspirants’ personal capacity to become visionary leaders for the nation.

Clear Picture of the Success

Most aspirants need a clear picture of success. This includes the clarity in their purpose (make it come alive), and develop individual capacity to reach goals. Our strategic coaching helps people set themselves up for great success.

Helps You Stay "Ready"

Our insightful guidance helps people stay ready. The kind of readiness we’re talking about here goes beyond articulating visions, delegating accountabilities or tasks, or addressing "how you come off to those around you." It starts with a willingness to be coached, to be coachable, to have someone help you prepare for what you know you must do. Being coached is difficult but extremely rewarding work. We invite you to think about what you couldaccomplish with some great coaching. If you want to be successful, you've got to get yourself ready to do great things.