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Other Institutions

  • One or two good teachers, other subjects taught by mediocre ones.
  • Old material, many new question types and topics not covered + nothing concrete for current affairs.
  • No National level tests and no analysis or feedback.
  • No self-study support or means to refer classes.

Key features

  1. Highest Success rate by any IAS Training Institute
  2. Undisputed leader in developing conceptual depths and results orientation
  3. One stop platform for complete IAS Preparation
  4. Classroom coaching - attend classes by India's Best IAS Trainers from Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. 22 All India tests (4 CSAT + 16 GS
  5. Compete with 15,000 test-takers across the country
  6. Daily News Analysis - One stop preparation for Current Affairs
  7. Pragnya Publications – Brand in itself for every subject
  8. Concept Building and Interview training program by Retd and In-service IAS Officers, Ex-UPSC Panel members

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